2ndLt. Z. Shuhart a posted Oct 8, 17

Welcome to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. We are a new unit to the Arma community built by Arma veterans. We pride ourselves on having an open enviroment for all people to come. No matter what your experience is. If you apply yourself to this unit you will be rewarded. We are based out of EST. And hold most of our events at 2030. We have a good enviroment here in the 13th. Being that we are serious in-game, and fun-loving out of. This is more than an Arma unit. We enjoy playing other games, and building relationships inside of the unit. We want this to be somewhere that you would enjoy being. Here in the 13th we understand real life comes first. And will never be upset at you if you miss something. We understand the fact that this is a video game where we come to have fun. And will use all means to keep it that way. Are main goal for our members is for them to say they had fun. And that is how we will flourish. If you have any special talents, mod/map making, mission making, leading etc. we strongly encourage you to join. We hope the 13th is somewhere you will enjoy spending your time.